Huge Gang Attack Punters In Violent Crime Spree At Victorian Music Festival

An actual gang of youths (not to be confused with these guys) have sent a Victorian music festival into chaos by stampeding through the crowd, assaulting punters and stealing their wallets and mobile phones.

Witnesses report that between 30 and 100 young thugs (not to be confused with this guy)  — some as young as 10-years-old — invaded the family-friendly Summersault Festival in Caroline Springs at around 10pm on Saturday night and attacked punters who were watching the fireworks display.

A Victoria Police spokesman has told The Age that six people have reported having their mobile phones stolen at the event, while two more have reported being assaulted.

One teenager was also hospitalised. 16-year-old Jack McLaughlin was allegedly attacked by a group of kids who stole his mobile phone, and woke up on the ground with no recollection of the incident. He was then taken to hospital with damage to his jaw and severe pain in his mouth.

“My understanding is that he was knocked out. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know what day it was,” his worried mum told Seven News.

“He is having CAT scans today as he has no memory of the incident at all,” she added to the Herald Sun. We’re very lucky, very fortunate it wasn’t worse. As a parent this is terrifying.”

A witness named Carrie, who was also caught up in the stampede, told the paper that she had her phone and wallet stolen and was “shoved in the stomach” by the gatecrashers.

“There would have been at least 100 Sudanese who just ran at us like a giant wave; it was a planned attack,” she alleged.

However, other witnesses say females and Caucasian teens were also among the group.

An anonymous witness told the paper: “It was intimidating, they have no fear… Once the fireworks started it was like the Running of the Bulls, no one really knew what was going on.”

While another festival attendee named Abhishek Verma said he was assaulted in the stampede, saying he chased after a group of attackers who stole his wife’s phone.

“I grabbed two, but suddenly [a] group [of] 20-30 came and start punching and kicking on my face [&] arms,” he reported (via Herald Sun). “I have [a] swollen face on left side,” he said.

The annual alcohol-free, family-friendly Summersault Festival is run by Melton City Council and features music, rides, a food hall and more.

No one has been arrested at this time, but Victoria Police spokeswoman Leonie Johnson tells the Herald Sun that police are investigating the reports.

Meanwhile, a Melton Council spokeswoman was unable to comment on the incident and said the council would be “issuing a statement” later this evening.

We’ll keep you updated with any more information as it develops.


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