An 18-Year-Old Man Has Been Charged Over That Violent Attack On A Security Guard At Perth’s Good Life Festival

The man allegedly responsible for a violent attack on a security guard at the Perth leg of under-agers festival Good Life was 18-years-old and trespassing there illegally, according to police.

As WA Today reports, the Hazelmere man has been charged with assault, after he allegedly punted security guard Michael Rigby in the head while he was on the ground attempting to detain trespassers who had jumped the fence.

“Some people had entered the event, they’re believed to be fence jumpers, or they entered unlawfully,” Cottesloe Police’s Senior Sergeant Tony Booker told the paper.

“A security guard, who was engaged by the organiser to work within the event, was talking to a person and they ended up in a scuffle on the ground.

“Another male person has come out the crowd and kicked him in the head.”

The 18-year-old man has also been charged with trespassing, which could earn him 12 months behind bars.

He’s set to front Perth Magistrate’s Court on 16th March.

Meanwhile, 56-year-old Rigby has spoken about the attack on 9 News Perth, describing his experience as “Lights out”.

“The actual impact rocked my whole head so all the muscles in my neck are all sore and it runs down to my shoulder,” he said.

“To be quite honest, I’d like to talk to him and maybe say ‘you really need to think about what you’re doing’. It’s just really not acceptable to do that sort of thing anywhere to anyone, really.”

Good Life promoters have also made a statement about the incident, addressing concerns about security at the Perth leg of the festival.

The event has always been strictly for fans aged between 13 and 17 years of age.

Meanwhile, commenting on a Facebook thread about the incident last night, Good Life DJ Patrick Middleton forecast today’s news, and even gave a boss retort to a commenter who slagged him off for being a DJ:

good life

(Image Via Facebook / Rob Carroll)

Graphic footage of the assault can be found below.

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