A Huge US Music Festival Could Be Expanding To Australia This Summer

UPDATE: CONFIRMED: Australia Is Getting A Huge New Music Festival In 2018

ORIGINAL STORY: Get ready to FROTH like whitewash because a mammoth new summer music festival could be crashing to shore on Queensland’s Gold Coast THIS YEAR.

As the Courier Mail reports, juggernaut promoters TEG Dainty (who are responsible for bringing the likes of Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg to Australia) are planning to bring the US’s behemoth Hangout Festival to Coolangatta this November.

For the uninitiated, Hangout is an annual “Beach, Music & Arts Festival” held on Alabama’s Gulf Shores every year, and the 2017 instalment is packing a lineup that will make you moister than a dip in the Pacific.

We’re talking Mumford & Sons, Twenty One Pilots, Frank Ocean, Chance The Rapper, Major Lazer, Weezer, DJ Snake, MGMT and boatloads more:

Just let that wash over you for a sec. Not to be alarmist but this could easily be as big — if not bigger — than Splendour In The Grass.

In fact: “Music promoter TEG Dainty has applied to council to bring Hang Out Music Festival to the Gold Coast to fill a hole left by the collapse of the Big Day Out,” the Courier Mail reports.

“Plans had been put forward to the city council to hold the two-day extravaganza in mid-November to take advantage of the warm weather and dwindling festival offerings on the Coast.”

However, the beachside bash was almost scuttled by the City Of Gold Coast Council this week, with some councillors fearing that such a massive music festival would damage their coastline.

“A two-day music festival on the beach is too much risk for the region’s beaches,” southern councillor Gail O’Neill told the local paper. “I think we have to be very selective about what events we do hold on the beach.”

Luckily, instead of voting to axe the plans, Mayor Tom Tate (who strikes us as a bit of an Albus Dumbledore type) instead wisely asked Council to allow TEG Dainty head honcho Paul Dainty to plead his case at one of their next meetings in the hopes of convincing the local government to let the festival go ahead.

“In our cultural city we should look towards embracing (events like this) where we can,” the Mayor told the paper.

While the nay-saying Cr. O’Neill said she supports the sit-down with the TEG Dainty boss, adding: “I would like to see some public consultation as well”.

So off you go, get letter-writing people.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of plans to bring a huge new music festival to the Gold Coast, following reports back in January that a fest “modelled on an event staged overseas” that “draws 40,000 people per day and features leading performers” was being discussed to debut in 2019.

But it seems, if all goes well, we may be seeing it materialise sooner.

The event’s plans reportedly include two massive stages set up at each end of Coolangatta-Greenmount beach, with “a smaller support stage in Queen Elizabeth Park and back-of-house support infrastructure in the parklands”.

The Courier Mail also reports that festival organisers are aiming to hold the first instalment this year, with the November date making it “one of the first festivals in Queensland in summer”.

Music Feeds has reached out to both TEG Dainty and the City of Gold Coast Council for further comment and will keep y’all updated.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the froth-worthy shots from the flagship Alabama festival in the gallery below and get daydreaming about what summer lovin’ the future could possibly hold.

Gallery: Hangout Beach, Music & Arts Festival Alabama

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