Hundreds To Gather Outside Sydney Opera House For Mass Nutbush Session

Limber up your joints and get ready to party like it’s your Year 6 disco because some genius has organised a mass Nutbush dance-off outside the Sydney Opera House.

Almost 4,000 enthusiastic side-steppers, clappers and spinners have RSVP’d to the official Facebook event, which lists the Tina Turner-inspired flashmob as taking place on Saturday, 8th September from the hours of 12pm to 3pm.

It’s unclear at this point whether organisers are planning to bust out The Nutbush for three hours straight, or whether the three hour timeslot takes into account the logistics of corralling the hundreds, possibly thousands of punters into straight lines and getting them to perform primary school’s hottest dance in sync, especially that part in the middle of the song where everyone ALWAYS fucks up.

However, they have assured participants that “This event is REAL!”

Speaking with Music Feeds, organiser Christie Aucamp says she was inspired by the “Slav Squat in Hyde Park” events.

“I really loved the idea of getting a bunch of strangers together in this big city and seeing the success of his event gave me the idea for the Nutbush,” she says.

“I’d been sitting on the idea for a couple months and made the event one night and a week later it blew up. I’m very serious about it and I just am hoping we don’t get shut down too quickly by the Po Po.”

A very valid concern in a city like Sydney

You can check out the official event here, or brush up on your expert moves below.

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