Husky Break The Seal Of New Album ‘Punchbuzz’ With Toe-Tapping Folk Hymn ‘Ghost’

Husky are barking about their brand new album Punchbuzz, and they’ve just delivered a solid bite with the freshly minted single ‘Ghost’.

The toe-tapping indie folk hymn follows on from the recently-released ‘Late Night Store’, which launched the duo on a sold-out east coast tour of Aus.

Singer-songwriter Husky Gawenda says both the new single and album were inspired by his return to Melbourne following a long stint on the road.

“Melbourne was new to me as it always is when I return from being away. But it was also full of ghosts – remnants of my past life, people who were no longer around, places that were at once familiar and foreign, memories that drifted through my dreams and waking thoughts, becoming fused and inseparable,” he says.

“I slept little but dreamt a lot. My dreams were of the past, they took me back over and over again when what I wanted was to start again, to find something brand new. Ghost was part of a process of coming to terms with this half asleep, half awake, somewhere between the haunted past and the sunlit possibility of tomorrow.”

The duo’s third LP Punchbuzz is due out on Friday, 2nd June.

Listen to ‘Ghost’ and catch the official album artwork and tracklist, below.

Husky – ‘Punchbuzz’ Tracklist:

1. Ghost

2. Shark Fin

3. Punchbuzz

4. Late Night Store

5. Cut The Air

6. Splinters In The Fire

7. Walking In Your Sleep

8. Cracks In The Pavement

9. Flower Drum

10. Spaces Between Heartbeats

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