I See Stars Arrested For Possession & Intent To Use Drugs

The war on drugs has once again kept the streets safe from dope fiends whose ‘knuckles are white from inner tension and pants crusted with semen from constantly jacking off after being unable find a rape victim’ (to paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson).

Yes, thanks to the long arm of the law, would-be hoodlums I See Stars were detained on charges of possession and intent to use hallucinogenic substances on August 30 in Salina, Kanasas. According to Blabbermouth, the post-hardcore six-piece were required to post $1000 bail each.

Soon after, I See Stars’ vocalist Devin Oliver took to his Twitter account to voice his dislike of jail and his lack of desire to ever be locked up again. Thank goodness the cops were on hand to police the young men’s mental sovereignty and keep them from peacefully enjoying an altered state of consciousness.



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