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Image for Iggy Pop Has An Instagram For His Cockatoo ‘Biggy Pop’Image: Instagram / biggypop

Iggy Pop Has An Instagram For His Cockatoo ‘Biggy Pop’

Written by Zanda Wilson on April 8, 2016

Rock n’ roll hall-of-famer Iggy Pop has a cockatoo. Not only does he have a cockatoo but the cockatoo’s name is Biggy Pop. But wait, there’s more; Biggy Pop has his own Instagram account!

Biggy Pop is fresh on social media, with only six posts and only joining Instagram just over a week ago, but the cheeky cockatoo has already racked up over five thousand followers.

Biggy’s favourite past-times appear to be chilling out, listening to rock music, trimming Iggy’s beard and dancing to Iggy playing acoustic tunes on guitar…

For Iggy’s part, he’s been getting into the whole hashtag side of things, coming up with some absolute classics so far for his bird’s social media strategy. They include; #cockatoosofinstagram, #IggyandBiggy and #igotmoves.

Get following @BiggyPop here.

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