In Hearts Wake Have Hidden A Secret Harry Potter-Based Message In Their New Album

Turns out In Hearts Wake are massive Potterheads.

The Byron Bay metalcore act has become notorious for hiding clues inside their music for fans to find. They famously concealed a booklet in the CD tray of their Earthwalker LP, which cryptically hinted at the forthcoming release of its sequel, their most recent album, Skydancer, way before anyone knew it was even a thing.

More recently, they hid one of their new singles, Insomnia, inside a video game.

And now, it turns out another Skydancer track is packing some hidden secrets of its very own.

Taking to Facebook to share their latest covert bombshell with fans, In Hearts Wake have revealed that it relates to the album’s track Cottonmouth.

“For all you Harry Potter nerds: Yes, Jake speaks Parseltongue in this track,” the band divulged.

harry potter

For all you Muggles out there, Parseltongue refers to the secret snake language that historical badass Salazar Slytherin was able to speak, and which (spoiler alert) he then passed down genetically to He Who Must Not Be Named, and which Voldy then involuntarily transferred to the Boy Wizard after his misguided attempt to Avada Kedavra him to death as an infant, thus setting in motion a sequence of events which would ultimately lead to his epic demise.

Ahem. After opening Cottonmouth‘s Chamber Of Secrets, IHW then challenged fans to guess the English translation of Jake’s Parseltongue interlude.

Some of the more colourful of the 200+ suggestions so far include, “Eat the booty like groceries”, “It’s me Goku”, “Open this fucking pit up” and, naturally, “Fuck her right in the pussy”.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter himself has recently been getting up to some musical mischief of his own, with a little help from Eminem.

Have a listen to In Hearts Wake’s Cottonmouth, find out if you’re a natural Parselmouth, question whether or not the Sorting Hat really should have placed you in Slytherin and only didn’t because you asked it not to and then ultimately come to the realisation that it’s our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities, below.

Listen: In Hearts Wake – Cottonmouth

For all you Harry Potter nerds: Yes, Jake speaks Parseltongue in this track. Any idea on the English translation?

Posted by In Hearts Wake on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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