Incubus ‘If Not Now, When?’ New Album in July + Listen to New Single

Alternative Funk Rock band Incubus have announced a new album, to be released on 12th July called IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Here is the first single off the album called Adolescents.

This will be the band’s first studio album since 2006’s Light Grenades, with the band going on hiatus in 2008. Brandon Boyd enrolled in a university art program, while guitarist Mike Einziger went to Harvard music school to study composition. Drummer José Pasillas was also “having a baby, so there’s a lot of normal life stuff going on right now—school, babies, mortgages,” Boyd said. “I’m of the mind to say it wouldn’t be a bad thing to disappear for a year or two years,”

In 2009 they released a greatest hits album Monuments and Melodies and hinted at possible new material and In 2010 after Singer Brandon Boyd released his solo album The Wild Trapeze Incubus announced they would head back in to the studio to write and record their new album.

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