Insane Clown Posse Slapped With Sexual Harassment Lawsuit By Former Publicist

A former publicist associated with ‘horrorcore’ rap outfit Insane Clown Posse and their record label Psychopathic Records has filed a lawsuit against both parties, listing a massive 86 counts of inappropriate behaviour and sexual harassment.

Andrea Pellegrini, who is looking to become an entertainment lawyer, claims the abuse dates back as far as 2009 and continued since then. She claims she was even made to lie to the FBI and forced to use her law license to facilitate questionable dealings.

According to the suit, the final straw for Pellegrini was when she was sacked after raising her concerns with superiors. Further tension was built between Pellegrini and her employers when she refused to conduct unethical or illegal duties.

Mentioned in the lawsuit, amongst others, are both members of ICP Joseph “Shaggy 2 Dope” Utsler and Joseph “Violent J” Bruce as well as Psychopathic Records employee Dan ‘Dirty Dan’ Diamond.

Instances of harassment outlined in the suit include inappropriate gifts given to female staff members – including dildos and “vagina tighteners” – to belittling language, physical threats and perverted comments from those said to be supervising Pellegrini, including Diamond, who on one occasion allegedly told a staffer that he had a “fat cock” and he’d “like to fuck her”.

At one point, Pellegrini was forced to lie to federal investigators and say she was an in-house consultant rather than a full-time employee, meaning that the company needn’t pay her overtime. Furthermore, Pellegrini was ordered to obtain actual automatic Tommy guns for a photo shoot.

After being fired from the company for raising the issues with the powers that be, Pellegrini is seeking justice and financal compensation for “fright and shock”, explaining she was the subject of “horror, outrage and indignity,” on the receiving end of treatment she deems “extreme and outrageous and exceeds the bounds of human decency”.

No comment has come through from either ICP or their record label. You can read the full lawsuit here.

(Via Huffington Post)

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