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Former Sony Music Australia Employees Are Considering A Class Action Lawsuit Against The Recording Giant

Sydney Morning Herald have revealed that a dozen former employees of Sony Music Australia are looking into launching a class action lawsuit against the recording company.

Sydney based criminal lawyer, Lauren MacDougall, of MacDougall and Hydes Lawyers, has confirmed that a number of SMA staff members had contacted her in regards to Sony Music’s head office-led investigation into the workplace culture at their various Australian offices.

She is yet to speak on the nature of the allegations, so the form of the class action has not yet been settled upon, however the original investigation was spurred on by allegations of discrimination, bullying and harassment.

“I have been approached by a number of women who were seeking legal advice in relation to claims of bullying and harassment during their time at Sony Music Australia,” she said.

“I would encourage any other women or men to come forward. Depending on how many people come forward and what they have to say there is the potential of a class action.”

A staff member at Sony’s Darlinghurst office in Sydney first triggered the investigation after they made a complaint to the global head of human resources. In response to the situation, Sony Music have appointed an external counsel to help investigate the intensifying situation.

Following the abrupt departure of Sony Music Australia CEO, Denis Handlin earlier in the week, the company have also stood down two senior executives: Pat Handlin – son of Denis Handlin, and the vice president of A&R – and Mark Stebnicki – the senior vice president of strategy, corporate affairs and human resources.

Music Feeds does not suggest that Denis Handlin, Pat Handlin or Mark Stebnicki have been accused of any misconduct or wrongdoing as part of this ongoing investigation.

Music Feeds has previously reached out to Sony Music Australia for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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