Introducing ‘The Fart Pedal’: New Guitar Pedal That Makes Fart Noises

Attention guitar gear heads: we’ve found a new weapon for your guitarsenal which absolutely cuts the cheese.

Introducing the fart pedal: a brand new technological innovation that will loosen up your bottom end with some state-of-the-art anal acoustics.

The new bit of gear is result of a successful Kickstarter campaign from Chicago-based creator Steve Gadlin, who crushed his $30K funding target to bankroll the first 250 units.

We’re excited to report The Fart Pedal comes with the option of both wet AND dry settings. But, according to Gadlin, the tone isn’t as shitty as you’d think.

“I worked with an award-winning sound design company in Chicago to develop bespoke, custom fart noises, for which I hold the exclusive license,” he explains.

“These fart noises have been tailored specifically for a guitar amplifier, and tuned for exceptional live or studio performance.”

The mastermind has even shared some playthroughs of the fart pedal letting rip on some classic songs by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Gun N’ Roses and Nirvana.

Smells Like Teen Spirit… and sounds like ass.

Watch below.

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