Finland’s Got Talent Crowned A Fart Noise-Maker As Its Winner

Our Australia’s Got Talent winners have typically been singers or dancers but the Finnish version of the show has awarded real talent this year.

The title of 2016 Finland’s Got Talent winner has been handed to a guy who makes A+ fart noises.

Antton Puonti is a hand-farter by trade and he won his way to the crown with a pretty incredible version of John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War Is Over).

He had the whole crowd swaying with him as they awkwardly worked out how to react to a rendition of a classic song made up entirely of fart noises.

The performance went off with a bang, literally, with Puonti ending on an impossibly high note and earning a standing ovation from the judges.

Puonti won Finland over too, obviously, and pocketed 30,000 Euros for doing what everyone does in secret, in front of a crowd.

We’re not sure where he goes from here but surely he’ll go far…t.


Watch: Antton Puonti Farts John Lennon

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