INXS Guitarist Sues Sydney Boat Rental Company Over “Career-Ending” Injury

An aggrieved Tim Farriss is suing a Sydney-based boat hire company over an injury he claims ended his career.

The Guardian reports the former INXS lead guitarist is taking legal action, following an incident in 2015 which “severed” his left ring finger rendering him unable to play guitar.

Farriss claims the company, ‘The Afords and Church Point Charter’, did not properly instruct him on how to use the anchoring equipment on the Omega Clipper 34 boat.

The musician recalled the moment he was injured, after hiring the boat over the Australia Day weekend.

“It’s taken my finger clean off!” Farriss yelled at the time.

“My hand was covered in rust, blood and mud, but I could see one of my fingers had been severed and the others were disfigured, badly lacerated and bleeding.”

He required 11 hours of surgery to reattach the finger, but claims it no longer functions and he’s only able to play “a few beginner level chords”.

For their part, the company says Farriss was given proper instructions but failed to take due care, and that the injury he suffered was “caused or contributed to by the first plaintiff’s own fault and negligence”.

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