Iron Maiden Tour Poster Banned In Lithuania “Because It Scares Children”

Iron Maiden may be in their twilight years, but consistently prove you’re never too old to be metal AF.

It has been revealed the band’s poster for their The Book Of Souls Tour has been banned by Lithuanian authorities “because it scares children” according to a statement made by a Live Nation.

Looking at the blood drenched image of the band’s iconic mascot Eddie holding his own beating heart after ripping it from his own chest, it’s easy to understand how the little ones might get the heebie jeebies.

According to Lithuanian news service Delfi, this is more serious than just a couple of outraged parents, as the poster apparently runs a foul of the nation’s child-protection laws. Concerns were raised after residents of Kaunas – where the band is slated to play the 18,000-capacity Žalgiris Arena on June 23 – complained to authorities.

This isn’t just a case of a slap on the wrist for the band either, as they are reportedly under investigation for possibly violating the laws designed to protect minors under 14 from “negative information.”

With calls to pull the ads from public places, websites advertising the show and ticketing outlets, spokespeople for Live Nation and Iron Maiden have yet to comment on how they will handle the situation. They did however confirm they have received a letter asking for the posters to be taken down.

You can check out the full tour poster here below and if you need further convincing of Iron Maiden’s metal cred, check out 11 reasons why Bruce Dickinson is the Chuck Norris of heavy metal.


Iron Maiden – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 4/05/16 / Photos by Rebecca Reid

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