Is Kanye West’s New Track ‘Black Skinhead’ His Daft Punk Collaboration?

Over the weekend, Kanye West speedily betrayed the integrity of his latest online rant by featuring as the guest performer on SNL. For those who haven’t checked out the freestyle opinion session, it specifically condemns his celebrity stastus, but Kanye’s SNL appearance was used to showcase two new songs, so no-one really seems to care.

Now even more emphasis has been placed on the performance given that one of the two tracks, Black SkinHead, is most likely the highly rumoured collaboration with Daft Punk. It is yet to be confirmed but Rolling Stone’s Jonah Weiner managed to connect the dots, having recently interviewed the French duo who spoke openly about the collaboration.

When recalling their time in the studio with Yeeze, the pair discussed the combination of live drums and programmed drums that were featured on the track, which had Kanye, “Not even rapping, more like screaming in this very primal way.” This matches up very nicely with one of the new tracks performed on SNL.

The other track performed on the night was equally as strange but for different reasons. New Slaves had ‘Ye standing still while rapping extremely quickly. That description just doesn’t quite do it justice, it just has to be seen.

These are all just rumours for now, so Weiner might be off. The expected international release date of new album Yeezus is Tuesday, 18th June, which is only a month away, so all the mystery behind this next best thing ever will be revealed very soon.

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