Image for Kanye West Performs New Material In New York, Denounces Celebrity Status Via Auto-Tune

Kanye West Performs New Material In New York, Denounces Celebrity Status Via Auto-Tune

Written by Mike Hohnen on May 17, 2013

At a very la-di-da invite-only event in New York overnight, Kanye West performed two new tracks, in one of which West refers to himself as being the “worst celebrity” as he attempts to dodge the status.

What? Kanye West saying he’s bad at something? Yeah, that’s what we thought – he’s truly lost his touch. But don’t worry, he only says he’s the worst celebrity as a way to say he’s the best at everything else. The partly spoken-word track could hardly be considered a song, and more of a rant, but given the instrumentation that accompanies, the brief vocal melodies and the half-ass rhyming pattern stretched across 3.5 minutes, it seems like at least some planning has gone into this.

The lyrics seem to indicate that West is over his status as celebrity and just wants to be left alone to make music, which seems to ironic given his statement’s method of delivery – singing about it while standing in a 3D pyramid next to stadium-sized speakers in front of a room full of TV and advertising A-listers.

The second song was previously performed at his recent set during the Met Gala. Clearly about his baby mama Kim Kardashion, we think the track is most likely going to be called either Auto-Tune or Awesome Tune, as those are pretty much the only elements involved in the track.

No-one’s actually confirmed it but legend has it Kanye’s sixth studio album will be out internationally Tuesday, 18th June. Fortunately for Kanye West, his fans have a lot of faith in him cos I mean, man, so far this new album is sounding totally wack.

Check out some of the evidence of it all going down at the Adult Swim Upfront night, below.

Watch: Kanye Denounces Celebrity

Watch: Kanye West – So Awesome (Auto-Tune/Awesome Tune)

Source: Pitchfork

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