Jack White Donates $30,000 To Restore ‘The Outsiders’ House Because Of Course He Is

Jack White is nothing if not consistent, and his latest Jack White-ism comes in the form of dropping $30,000 to restore a house from 1983’s The Outsiders.

As reported by Portland Press Herald, White, apparently a huge fan of the 1983 Francis Ford Coppola classic, donated $30,000 to a campaign that was started to restore the iconic house in Oklahoma.

Image: Wikipedia

The campaign itself was started by House Of Pain founding member Danny O’Connor, who said that the $30,000 White donated helped him reach the goal of $75,000. He wants the house restored so it can be transformed into a museum celebrating the film, after purchasing it back in 2015 for $15,000.

In case you weren’t already aware, The Outsiders is a movie based on the 1967 novel of the same name, and is considered a launching pad for such megastar actors as Tom Cruise and Patrick Swayze.

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