Jack White Reveals Long Lost White Stripes Coca-Cola Commercial ‘Love Is The Truth’

Jack White has just set free on the internet another rarity from his seemingly bottomless vault of musical goodies. This time, it’s a rare and rather amazing Coca-Cola commercial that accompanied the White Stripes song Love Is Truth.

This secret video was strangely aired only once on TV in 2006, before it disappeared completely from sight. Now, a whole decade later, it has reemerged in all its glory. Japanese director Nagi Noda is the man responsible for the 1960′ kitschy wax work style, and as noted on Jack White’s website, White “saw this as an opportunity to record an inspirational song that could reach a worldwide audience in a big way.”

Jack White is no stranger to releasing rare musical gems from his extensive multi-band career. Just a few days ago he put up an unheard version of Carolina Drama by the Raconteurs, while last month he shared a previously unreleased White Stripes song called City Lights.

All these gold nuggets of material are paving the way towards the launch of an interactive timeline of White’s entire career to date, Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016.

Watch the rare White Stripes Coca-Cola Love Is Truth commercial below:

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