Jackie O Has Released Her Debut Single ‘Honey Money’ On A Dare From Kyle Sandilands

KIIS FM radio host and professional Kyle Sandilands wrangler Jackie O has released her debut single ‘Honey Money’ after old m8 Kyle dared her to write a hit song.

The jockette teamed up with KIIS producer Kian Oliver (who also raps on the track) and producer/writers Ryan and Charlotte from AVALONiA to track vocals for the single in just 90 minutes.

So what does it sound like? Prettyyyy much exactly what you’d expect. But by far the best thing about this song is that all proceeds from its existence will be donated to the charity Drought Angels to help farming families in need.

“When we played the song on air I saw a headline somewhere that said ‘ Move over Iggy Azalea’ I had to laugh,” Jackie says.

“I’m not seriously trying to have a recording career here, it’s just for fun. I’m certainly not competing with the great artists around at the moment but if people like the song, they can buy it and we will be raising money for the drought affected farmers. It’s all in good fun and for a great cause.”

You can download ‘Honey Money’ via iTunes here or take it for a spin below.

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