James Blake – “RZA Collaboration Gave Me Shivers”

James Blake is currently in Australia and just passed through Music Feeds Studio to give some insight into his upcoming second album, Overgrown and he had a few kind things to say about his collaboration with RZA.

As we previously reported, Overgrown feature the talents of Wu-Tang Clan member RZA as well as veteran producer Brian Eno. Speaking to Music Feeds during our live streamed Q&A, Blake spoke about having RZA guest on new track Take A Fall For Me despite having never met the rapper.

More comfortable when striking up a friendship before a collaboration, Blake admitted he was uneasy sending the track away.

“It was like sending it for mastering. It was like, ‘Just see what comes back.’ He really nailed it though. I mean, he’s obviously a consummate professional. He also did it with such a level of intimacy and sensitivity that I got it back and I got shivers.”

When asked what he would have done if the verse from RZA had been sub-par, Blake attested he wouldn’t allow the attraction of a big name guesting on Overgrown to overshadow the integrity of the music.

“I wouldn’t have released it,” laughed Blake. “I’m sure there’s loads of collaborations that don’t work. You can’t release it just because it’s the name you want on the record – it doesn’t really work like that.”

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