Japanese Band Under Fire After Ripping Off Aussie Video Clip

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but a straight rip-off ain’t so cool, and a Japanese band has hit rough waters in the last 24 hours after it was discovered that their latest video clip is a solid knock-off of Melbourne crew Clubfeet’s latest clip, Everything You Wanted.

The Japanese band, known as [Champagne], released the clip for their track Forever Young just a few days ago, while Clubfeet’s clip has been doing the round for the last couple of months. Upon viewing the clips, it’s immediately apparent that this is more than just stylistic similarity. Of course, this could all be some freakish coincidence, however unlikely, but you can check out both clips below and make your own judgments.

After noticing the striking resemblance between the two vids, Clubfeet’s Japanese reps P-Vine made the situation known to the band, who in turn relayed the news to the producers of the original clip, Oh Yeah Wow. OYW went on to post some comments on [Champagne]’s video on YouTube, setting off something of a shitstorm. After Clubfeet unleashed the news upon the world via social yesterday, not only did the Twitter accounts of both bands get absolutely pumped, both clips skyrocketed to more than 100,000 views.

[Champagne] have since removed their video from YouTube but, as we all know once the interwebs has its claws around something, it’s never, ever letting go. After noticing the rip off, Clubfeet approached the situation with some light-hearted banter, with the band keeping very civil on the matter and claiming they are “flattered, but a little envious of their hairdos”. But, once again interwebs, claws, and all that…

You could almost say there’s no loser in the situation, but since [Champagne]’s record label release a statement claiming, “We sincerely apologise to all fans supporting Clubfeet and [Champagne] for any worries and anxieties this matter may have been caused,” it looks like [Champagne]’s camp know exactly what they’ve done.

Clubfeet look like the ultimate victors in this little scenario. Hopefully this will get them the overseas attention they deserve. Clubfeet are touring nationally supporting Tegan & Sara from 25th April.

Watch: Clubfeet – Everything You Wanted

Watch: [Champagne] – Forever Young

Statement from [Champagne] record label:

“Notice regarding the music video for “Forever Young”

We sincerely apologize here to Clubfeet and all who may it concern,

that the music video for “Forever Young” caused uncomfortable feeling to.

It is definitely not intended by members of [Champagne],

and all production for music video shall be responsible by us, UK Project Inc.

We’ve already deleted its music video on YouTube that we previously uploaded,

and we may not use it hereafter in any manner, in an effort to show our deep apology.

Again, we sincerely apologize to all fans supporting Clubfeet and

[Champagne] for any worries and anxieties this matter may have been caused.

Koichi Endo, CEO

UK Project Inc.


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