Jason Sudeikis Plays Angry Swimming Coach In New Foo Fighters Video

Jason Sudeikis proves he has more than one eccentric sports coach in his repertoire with a starring role in the music video for Foo Fighters‘ ‘Love Dies Young’.

Dave Grohl wrote and directed the clip, which depicts a synchronised swimming quintet (aka the members of the Foo Fighters) taking part in a local competition. A blonde haired and moustachio’d Sudeikis is the team’s volatile and eccentric coach.

The character is kitted out in American flag regalia, though the origins of his accent are unclear. At times it sounds like he is impersonating Arnold Schwarzenegger, while at others you suspect he might be Swedish.

The video begins with a three minute pep talk, during which Sudeikis impresses upon the swimmers the importance of the upcoming competition. “I yell at you because I love you,” he says.

There are several moments where it looks like Sudeikis is fighting back laughter, such as when he explains “My father died the moment after I was conceived. Just like that – boom – inside my mother.”

Things only get stranger and more awkward once they finally get in the pool. The synchronised swimming – performed by pros with the Foo Fighters’ heads superimposed – is really very good, though. Watch it below.

‘Love Dies Young’ comes from Foo Fighters’ latest album, Medicine At Midnight, released this February. It’s the album’s fifth single, following ‘Shame Shame’, ‘No Son of Mine’, ‘Waiting on a War’ and ‘Making a Fire’. Foo Fighters recently announced their first feature film, STUDIO 666.

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