Jimmy Page Showed Up At A Delta Riggs Show

There’s enough pressure on you as it is when you’re an up-and-coming Aussie band trying to represent your country and establish a foothold overseas. But Melbourne-based rockers The Delta Riggs felt the pressure surge when the legendary Jimmy Page showed up to their London gig.

The group was gearing up to take the stage at the 100-capacity Notting Hill Arts Club on Wednesday night when, as bass player Michael Tramonte recounted to FasterLouder, “Our drummer spotted him at the bar, walked over to me and said, ‘Just to add some pressure, Jimmy Page is here.’”

“This was at about the same time as we had to go on, so we didn’t really have time to let it completely sink in,” Tramonte said. Luckily enough, following the band’s 30-minute set, the Led Zeppelin guitarist joined them backstage to chat about music and his favourite Delta Riggs songs.

“He came back straight after the show and chatted to us for a while which was pretty surreal. He was just a chilled dude and actually pretty keen to talk about music. He said he ‘loved the tune with the great groove and Hawaiian chords’ which was Supersonic Casualties and also Rah Rah Radio.”

No telling yet if we can expect the band to open for any future Zeppelin reunions — which have been looking doubtful recently — but the guitarist did give the band his address “to post him a record… We are definitely going to roll up unannounced for a good old English tea one day!”

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Photos by Zoltan Blazer

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