Jona Weinhofen Leaves Bring Me The Horizon After Situation Became ‘Tense’

Our very own homegrown guitar hero Jona Weinhofen has officially departed ways with British metalcore outfit Bring Me the Horizon. The band, who have become a poster-child for the genre, announced the news in a recent tweet, though as it turns out, it’s been in the works for a while.

As far back as 12 months ago, Jona took to his Tumblr account (Via Loudwire) to announce the very same thing, telling his followers that as “things in the band have been very tense with a lot of disagreements between myself and certain members who i wont name” he would be making his departure. Jona confirmed that he would be moving back to Australia, potentially to follow through with the recently re-united I Killed the Prom Queen. And I don’t think anyone here will complain about that.

It was a recent tweet from the band that first caught the attention of British media today, with the news spreading like wildfire. Bring Me made it very clear that “Bring Me The Horizon are Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matthew Kean, Matthew Nicholls and Jordan Fish. Jona Weinhofen is no longer in the band.” Jordan Fish isn’t Jona’s replacement, but is the band’s keyboard player.

News comes right at the start of the hype surrounding their new single Shadow Moses, set to be featured on the band’s upcoming album Sempiternal. Bring Me will be in town for this year’s Soundwave, so here’s hoping there’s no awkward run-ins backstage with their former guitarist.

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