Josh Homme Hints At New Music From Them Crooked Vultures

QOTSA frontman Josh Homme says that all the members of Them Crooked Vultures are keen to record a new album.

Homme formed the supergroup with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones in the late 2000s. Them Crooked Vultures released their only record in 2009 but haven’t played a live show since 2010.

“The ironic thing is that we all want to do another Vultures record and I think everyone has certain roles they play in the Vulture,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I think, ultimately, these things happen when they’re supposed to, and I don’t have much experience in forcing things to happen like that.

“When you’re playing music, people come together because they want to and not from a sense of need or desperation. I think that’s the best reason to come together.”

The comments come after an interview Dave Grohl did with The Guardian in which he called Them Crooked Vultures is “technically still a band” who “practice once ever decade,” echoing comments he made in 2017 about chatter of a return.

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