Julia Jacklin Shares New Single, ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’

Julia Jacklin has shared the new single, ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’. It’s the latest taste of Jacklin’s forthcoming third album, Pre Pleasure. ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’ is a slow-burning track with anthemic qualities, featuring stirring piano lines and Jacklin’s signature, vulnerable vocal style. The track slowly builds before eventually exploding with thunderous guitar chords, matching the intensity of the lyrics.

“‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’ was written one night during the recording period in my apartment in Montreal,” Jacklin said in a statement. “It’s the first song I’ve ever written fully on piano.”

Julia Jacklin – ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’

Not only does ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’ represent the first song Jacklin’s written on piano, but it’s also the first time the artist has played piano on a record. “I thought someone better would redo the take but we kept it so now I’m officially a pianist,” she said. “We recorded it the next day. I made everyone watch the running scene from Rocky beforehand.”

Set to appear on Pre Pleasure when it arrives on Friday, 26th August, ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’ follows the previously-released singles ‘I Was Neon’ and ‘Lydia Wears A Cross’. The track also comes accompanied by a spontaneous one-shot music video, filmed in Melbourne by co-director Nick Mckk.

Pre Pleasure is set for release on Friday, 26th August.

Julia Jacklin – Pre Pleasure

  1. Lydia Wears A Cross
  2. Love, Try Not To Let Go
  3. Ignore Tenderness
  4. I Was Neon
  5. Too In Love To Die
  6. Less Of A Stranger
  7. Moviegoer
  8. Magic
  9. Be Careful With Yourself
  10. End Of A Friendship

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