Just Mentioning Nickelback Can Get You Detained In The US

The world’s aversion to Nickelback has reached all new heights this week after two men in the US state of Idaho were detained just for mentioning the band’s name. The incident is now “being internally investigated.”

As reported by The Washington Post, the County sheriff’s deputies stopped two men, 23-year-old Eric Swinford and 22-year-old Riker Morrow, at a local petrol station after the officers thought they overheard the pair discussing drugs.

The two men claim they were complaining about a nearby car “blaring Nickelback”, a phrase the officer interpreted as “nickel sack” which he thought was some sort of reference to marijuana. “We can literally go there and stop him and ask what band he was listening to right now,” pleads one of the men, to no avail. “Stop talking,” responds the officer. “We were not born yesterday, that’s a bullshit story.” The entire awkward exchange was captured on the video below.

The two men were not charged with any crime, leading to the assumption that their Nickelback defence held up. According to the Coeur d’Alene Press, sheriff’s department spokesman Lt. Stu Miller said the incident is “being internally investigated.”

He added, “We take this type of thing very seriously and we tell our people all the time to do their job as though someone is always watching, and they are always watching.” There’s been no mentioned as to what happened to the real offender in this story, the Nickelback blaring driver.

Watch: Two Men Detained For Mentioning Nickelback

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