Justin Bieber DNGAF Anymore, Actually Throws Fan’s Present Out The Window

Justin Bieber appears to be reaching peak not-giving-any-fucks mode.

After axing all current and future meet-and-greets, Biebs also declared recently that he’ll no longer be posing for any photos with fans because he “doesn’t owe anyone” a photo and recently declared his indifference towards “hollow” award shows.

Now it appears that the list of things that fans are not allowed to do when meeting JB has been extended to giving him a present, because he’ll just throw it away.

As evidenced in this fan video – Bieber was so nonplussed to receive a gift from a commoner that he casually rolled down his window, threw away the present like it’s no one’s goddamn business – before winding the window back up.

So pretty much this…

Nothing seems to phase the true beliebers though, with fans crowding the car and yelling things like “I love you” and “can we get a selfie?”

Check out the video in question below. It is also worth noting that the Twitter description for the fan who uploaded the video is ‘selena gomez and taylor swift are my religion’.

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