Watch Justin Bieber Get Taken Down In A Fist Fight

Another physical altercation involving Justin Bieber has been captured on video, and this one shows the pop star getting his ass handed to him after swinging at a guy much, much bigger than him.

As TMZ reports, 22-year-old Biebs was hanging around outside a hotel in downtown Cleveland at around 11pm on Wednesday night, when an apparent argument he was having with a man turned violent.

Footage of the scuffle (below) sees Bieber push the man, who retaliates, before Biebs begins to swing wildly. A number of bystanders appear to try to split up the pair, but Bieber ends up crashing to the ground and into the corner of the hotel lobby.

All in all, it looks a little bit like this…

napoleon dynamite slap fight gif

A second video captured after the punch-on (below) also shows an enraged Bieber being restrained, before a young woman tries to calm him down.

Bieber was in Cleveland for game three of the NBA Finals, and was reportedly booed for supporting for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the game, while wearing a Cavaliers shirt. Witnesses also say Bieber was being overwhelmed by requests for photos, and we know how he feels about that.

Following the fight, as the Daily Mail reports, Bieber posted a now-deleted photo to Instagram with the caption “not a scratch on this pretty boy”. A second photo (below) was also captioned “no hesitation”, but the caption has since been removed.

Watch old mate Biebs get beat down in the videos below.

Watch: Justin Bieber Fist Fight

Watch: Justin Bieber Post-Fight

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