Kanye West’s New Single Likely Titled ‘I Am A God’ – Who Are You To Argue?

Kanye West next single is apparently titled I Am A God, according to a source from within Yeezy’s camp clarifying recent rumours surrounding the title of West’s next album.

The Huffington Post has the scoop that prior reports suggesting that West’s next album would be called I Am God were an understandable misunderstanding.

The source told HuffPost Entertainment that the title of single is not meant to be sacrilegious and is, in part, a reference to Psalm 82:6, which suggest we are all manifestations of a higher power.

“We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the Supreme Being,” explained the source.

West collaborator Malik Yusef seems to have confirmed the source’s remarks via a tweet:

“its “I am(A) GOD” FAMO #psalms 82″

If you think about it, it’s actually quite humble, and almost truthful, for West to emphasise that he is only A god and not THE God. Long ago, West reached god-like status within the world of music, in that whether you love him, hate him, or you’re a Yegnostic, he’s still gloriously omnipresent.

If these new reports are indeed the truth, we still have no word yet as to when I Am A God will be released. Stay tuned.

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