Ken West Tells Fans ‘Stop Picking On Kanye’

Ken West has urged fans to stop picking on Kanye after fans hit twitter/facebook complaining when his set was delayed by 45 minutes due to bad weather. West said:

Stop picking on Kanye the technical problems that delayed his start time by 45 minutes were from rain damaging our equipment…The fact that he had the biggest crowd of the day and delivered an incredible performance with the huge crowd staying to the end of set even though it was 45 minutes later than scheduled is a testament to what a great artist he is. The next shows will be amazing. Miss them at your peril.

Big Day Out also issued a statement regarding the incident:

The Big Day Out understands that news cycle deadlines often mean that the complete story isn’t able to be reported so we’d like to set the record straight.

Last night on the Gold Coast, the severe storm that hit at around 7.45pm caused massive technical problems and damage to equipment which meant that Kanye West’s set commenced 45 minutes after it was scheduled.

Despite the delay, the audience eagerly stood their ground to watch one of the world’s most exciting artists perform to the biggest crowd of the day. Kanye West delivered an incredible performance, with the huge crowd holding their ground for the full 90 minute set.

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