Kings Of Leon Debut Brand-New Single ‘Super Soaker’ Live

Fans who were put out of joint after Kings Of Leon’s headlining spot at the Governor’s Ball was postponed on account of the weather had their patience rewarded the following evening when the band unleashed a brand-new track, Super Soaker, the lead single from their recently announced forthcoming album Mechanical Bull.

Not to be confused with Always The Same, the new track which has been performed and captured so many times now it’s almost old, Super Soaker has never before seen the light of day. According to Billboard, Super Soaker will be released mid-July and has been recorded with longtime producer Angelo Petraglia.

The band was supposed to perform the evening prior but bat-shit crazy weather came into play resulting in all of the musical acts being canned for that day. For KOL, not performing simply mustn’t have been an option, given that this September they will be releasing their 6th studio album. Both of the above tracks will eventually find their way onto the new record, with more tunage sure to be performed and released between now and then.

This track was caught on the camera of a dedicated fan, who must have some serious strength in that arm. KOL are uber tight live so, despite the fact this is a bootleg, the below footage can’t be too far removed from the official track.

Watch: Kings Of Leon – Super Soaker (Live at Governors Ball 2013)

(Via CoS)

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