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KISS “Politely Declined” Invitation To Play Donald Trump’s Inauguration, Says Gene Simmons’ Wife

The wife of KISS bassist Gene Simmons says the band “politely declined” an invitation to perform at the upcoming inauguration of US President elect Donald Trump in January.

Approached by a TMZ reporter in Hollywood this week, Simmons was asked, “Gene, you’re the rock’n’roll Donald Trump, will you play at the inauguration?”

Simmons didn’t answer, but his wife Shannon Tweed and their daughter Sophie both screamed out “No!”, before Simmons said, “I think people should get over it and move on. He’s our president, and that’s it. End of story.”

“That’s not to say they didn’t ask,” Tweed added, before saying, “They asked and they politely declined.”

Simmons also said that KISS will be touring Europe at the time of the inauguration. Watch footage of the whole conversation, below.

Earlier this year, Simmons called Trump “the truest political animal I’ve ever seen onstage” in an interview with Rolling Stone, adding, “He has said some very vile, unkind things. But don’t kid yourself. He speaks off the cuff, and what you see is what you get. And he’ll double down.”

As for KISS, it looks like a new album might still be on the cards, and while a reunion of the band’s original lineup seems unlikely, there’s still a slight chance that might happen too.

Watch: KISS “Politely Declined” Invitation To Play Donald Trump’s Inauguration

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