Know Someone Who Still Thinks The Lockout Laws Are A Good Idea? This Video Will Change Their Mind

The past few weeks have given rise to an almighty backlash against the NSW government’s lockout laws.

As Sydneysiders continue to mobilise against the nanny state legislation following a 15,000-strong street protest and mass social media smackdown of Premier “Casino Mike” Baird, there are still plenty of folks who buy into the proven-to-be dodgy statistics that the lockout laws are doing a good job.

The main argument that seems to be spouted by the members of team lockout is that a) everyone who’s protesting them is just pissed off that they can’t stay out all night getting wasted anymore and b) who gives a flying O’Farrell about that when the laws are saving lives.

Well, this excellent video clip from the folks at Keep Sydney Open – you know, the same ones who organised last month’s massive peaceful protest against the lockouts – artfully dismantles those arguments with cool-headed logic, communicated to us through the power of super cute animation.

While exposing the catastrophic impact that the laws have had on Sydney, the video once again stresses the credo at the heart of the Keep Sydney Open movement – that violence and freedom are not binary options as many pro-lockout advocates would have us believe, and that it is possible to keep people safe, while keeping Sydney great.

“It’s simple really: let’s tackle the real problems and build a great city at the same time.”

Watch the clip below, and maybe link it to your over-opinionated aunt Doris or anyone else you know who still thinks that lockout laws are a 21st century solution for an international city.

Keep Sydney OpenIt’s simple really: let’s tackle the real problems and build a great city at the same time.Thanks to Entropico for coming up with this, Joyride for lending his pipes and Touch Sensitive for being a synth-lord.

Posted by Keep Sydney Open on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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