Kris Roe (The Ataris) Releases Statement Following “Chaotic Drum Freak Out”

It was one of the greatest freak-outs we’ve seen in a while, but The Ataris’ Kris Roe has owned up to his mistakes in a recent video statement released from the band, well, sorta.

Though Roe explains that he wishes he had handled the situation differently, the frontman was quick to defend his actions. Starting off by reading a prepared statement, Roe starts to improvise, and that’s when the truth comes out. With two bandmates behind him (you’ll notice drummer Rob Felicetti is nowhere to be seen) Roe explains that Felicetti had been messing up the entire set after “drinking for 6 hours, probably” and becoming too drunk to fulfill his duties behind the kit.

As Roe has it, in the minutes prior to when he threw the kit at the drummer, Felicetti had been messing up beats, missing queues, and forgetting songs altogether. The others on stage had asked him throughout the gig if he needed to sit songs out, but he denied. Come Your Boyfriend Sucks and well, the rest is history.

It didn’t work out so bad for fans with Roe reading off the statement. The band have also confirmed through the video that they will be heading down to Asia for a massive tour – surely a massive tour of Asia includes Australian dates, oh – and a brand new album will be on its way shortly, also!

Check out the full statement below, even this video is straight up punk rock.

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