Lamb Of God Manager Speaks Out “No One Said Anything To Us”

A Czech newspaper recently spoke with Lamb of God manager Larry Mazer on the topic of frontman Randy Blythe’s very uncertain future. As the situation progresses it seems to be becoming more and more confusing for those involved. According to Metal Underground who were good enough to translate the interview, Mazer has explained how surprised their camp was with the news of the 19-year-old fan, Daniel N’s death. reports that despite the incident happening so long ago, no one ever contacted him, or anyone else in the States. Czech police on the other hand have a different take on that, Mazer explains “We hadn’t been here for an entire two years. My data is unavailable, but I hadn’t heard from the family. We didn’t know a promoter. No answer…No one said anything to us. Do you think that I’d let the band to play in the Czech Republic if I had known this?”

Though according to the publication, police have officially stated that they did attempt to contact the band, something Mazer avidly disputes: “The organizer of the concert at Klub Abaton told us that the Czech police contacted them three months after the boy died. I don’t get it, no one responded. The boy was in a coma and then died, and no-one said anything.”

The manager has also commented on Randy’s current state of incarceration despite having posted bail, stating that they still have no idea when he’ll be free, “I have no idea. The deposit was made on Tuesday morning. We tried to make it Monday, but it took longer than expected. Randy should have been released immediately. His lawyer assured us on Saturday he’d be released soon. ‘You bring the money, you get released.’ I know in the US it would have happened.”

Blythe’s legal rep Martin Radvan and clerk Tomáš Morysek also spoke to the newspaper. According to Blabbermouth, legal reps stated that “[Randy] was in complete shock [when he found out about the fan’s passing]…For two whole years he never knew that someone had died after the band’s concert in Prague and he had no chance at all to deal with it. I am convinced that if he had known about it, he wouldn’t have shied away from facing criminal prosecution.”

They also gave hopes to all those around the world worried about how Blythe is coping behind bars, saying “Blythe is slowly getting used to his stay behind bars. There’s a Mongol with him, so Randy is learning some Mongolian phrases from him and the Mongol is picking up a few English words”, he said. “But he hasn’t complained about anything. We already went to see him twice. He is still quite confused about the whole thing.”

The terms of bail handed down by the judge do not require Blythe to hand over his passport; he is expected to fly back to the States instantly, where he will not be considered a fugitive. You also gotta feel for LOG fans, and metal fans in general from the area who are pretty much guaranteed to never have a metal show there again.

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