Lana Del Rey Only Listens To Bob Dylan, Frank Sin­atra, Jeff Buckley & Leonard Cohen

Video Games singer, Lana Del Rey has stated that she doesn’t listen to new music and only listens to Bob Dylan, Frank Sin­atra, Jeff Buckley,and Leonard Cohen. The 25 year old internet sensation moved to New York when she was 19 and hasn’t really listened to anything but her ‘Masters’ since.

In an interview with daily star, Del Rey said :

Then I moved to New York when I was 19 and I’ve had a love affair with the place ever since. That’s when I found Bob Dylan, Frank Sin­atra, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen – my masters – and I’ve never really listened to anything else since.

The controversial YouTube star never expected that Video Games would be so popular saying:

Had I known so many people were going to watch the video, I’d have put some more eff­ort into it…I would have got my hair and make-up done and tried not to be so pouty, seeing as everyone talks about my face all the time.

Yesterday Lana Del Ray told that she would be touring Australia in March 2012 :

You will see me in Australia. I have two small shows that I’m going to do in March so I’m excited about that.

A lot of people have questioned the authenticity of the singer who previously released music under the name Lizzy Grant. For an in depth look into internet and Lana Del Rey’s rise to fame check out The Future Blog.

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