Late Slipknot Member Paul Gray ‘Will Be A Part Of The Next Record’

Slipknot’s Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan has indicated that the band’s new album will feature contributions from their late bass player Paul Gray. As Banana 1015 reports in a recent interview with Artisan News, that Crahan said Gray had written a handful of songs which have made the tracklisting for the upcoming album.

“There are songs that he’s written that will be a part of the next record,” he said.

“We’re all going to have to think like him, and he’ll be there. He’ll be there; there’s no way [that] Paul Gray [will not be] a part of anything that we do for the rest of our career.”

Gray’s bass was placed onstage during Slipknot’s last touring cycle, with the band’s touring bassist, Donnie Steele, remaining offstage during shows.

“As we all know, Paul was a major writing force in the band,” he said. “We’ve been sporadically touring for two years to share the grieving process with our fans instead of doing it by ourselves and having them do it by themselves — we’re doing it together. Even though it’s been over two years, you’ve got to be able to go into the studio calm, cool and collected, because I’m not ready to walk into a studio and not see him.”

Watch Artisan News’ interview with ‘Clown’ below:

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