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LE SSERAFIM Is All Set To Release New Music In August

LE SSERAFIM, the K-pop girl group is set to release another hit song. Since their first release of the mini-album ‘Easy; in February, fans have been waiting for what they will do next. Finally, the wait is almost over.

Speaking of the latter, South Korean news outlet SpoTV News claimed that LE SSERAFIM will release new music in August. There is confirmed information about this joyful event, as their label – Source Music – has confirmed it. Thus, fans can look forward to the reception of new pieces by the quintet in the near future. 

The album comes six months after the last album the group has released and is LE SSERAFIM’s discography. “Easy” was highly appreciated by the critics; it offered a new progression in sound and subject matter for the group. Now, fans eagerly wait for their new hit songs and gripping a new album in their hand.


While analyzing and comparing the previous mini-albums, it is possible to note that ‘Easy’ also proves the evolution and newly discovered directions in the work of LE SSERAFIM. The album that includes the track of the same name is slightly different while keeping true to the group’s theme, as they dared to try something different. More recently, NME’s Rhian Daly gave the record appreciation, adding that the thematic and musical progress is evident, according to her⁵. 

Two months after the release of the tracks in the album, LE SSERAFIM set a record as the K-pop group that received an invitation to perform at Coachella, the fastest. Their set list consisted in a new track they called “1-800-Hot-N-Fun” and the audience wondered whether it indicates their new August release. 

Specific dates have not been given, but Source Music wants its fans to know they will soon release more information on it. The exact month of its release has not been mentioned but what has been revealed by Source Music is that they are yet to release the specific date soon. LE SSERAFIM’s fans should expect the best from the group, in terms of music video concepts and the songs themselves. Come back later as here are some more exciting updates for you. 

Other K-pop news include Seven Seasons releasing the tape Muse by Jimin from the popular K-pop group BTS and 2NE1, a second-generation K-pop girl group, meeting their former agency’s executive producer, which subsequently incited rumors of a reunion.

Get ready, LE SSERAFIM fans, because the end of August is going to be even better! 

You can stream their music ‘Easy’ here

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