Leaked Killswitch Engage Track Doesn’t Represent Album, Says Adam D

Despite the fact that the recently leaked track No End in Sight off the forthcoming Killswitch Engage album is fucking awesome, even in its rough mix stage, the band have been quick to step in with the damage control, telling fans that the track does not encompass the vibe of the rest of the album.

Guitarist and production visionary Adam D has spoken up about the track, telling Guitar World (Via Blabbermouth) that “it’s actually the one tune that’s pretty different from the other stuff”. He is clearly concerned that fans will sample the track, it won’t connect, and they will lose all interest in the full album. Adam D added that “overall the rest of the album is a little faster, a little meaner, a little growlier — thrashy but with lots of clean parts. We’re going a little more extreme this time.”

The track was actually leaked back in July, though it has only just been addressed. It is strange considering just how anticipated this album is, given the return of vocalist Jesse Leach, who will be replacing his own replacement Howard Jones. Jones stepped down after alleged health problems, though that is just another reason added to the vast list of rumours.

Leach worked on two albums with the band, though according to Adam D, “People are gonna be really surprised; [we’re] setting the bar up high once again. It’s really fast and it’s really heavy. It’s not what people are going to anticipate, I’m sure. I literally am getting chills right now talking about it. It’s gonna blow the doors off people, man. It’s gonna be great…”Jesse sounds a little different from Howard — he’s obviously not a big black man…But he’s bringing his own thing to it.”

D has been hard at work producing the album, which is now in the very capable hands of Andy Sneap for mixing. The album won’t be released until early next year, as the band are currently celebrating the 10th anniversary since the release of Alive or Just Breathing.

It’s Looking like the band will have some new goods to pedal come Soundwave 2013. Booyah! Check out No End in Sight below; are KSE back in perfect form?

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