Leonardo DiCaprio Crushes Sex Appeal With Bad Capoeira At Coachella

While Beyonce delighted fans with her surprise dance routine at this weekend’s Coachella festivities, renown Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio wowed festival-goers in a different fashion, with reports suggesting he was captured on film busting some questionable moves during an MGMT set.

The Internet is abuzz today after an Instagram video surfaced featuring a man who appears to be DiCaprio busting it out in the crowd to a remix of MGMT’s Kids. The hyped-up festival goer featured in the video is spotted violently flailing his limbs about, in what could only be described as a very bad attempt at capoeira.

The man in question is only visible from behind and thus we cannot undoubtedly confirm the actor’s identity, however spies at the festival have reported seeing Di Caprio throughout the day sporting the exact same outfit as this video’s masked dancer.

Check it out and decide for yourselves.

Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Coachella 2014

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