Lights To Start Work On Special Acoustic Project

Canadian award-winning singer-songwriter Lights has announced today that she will be returning with the follow-up to 2011’s Siberia with an Acoustic project of the special kind.

The songstress was recently in Australia for a brief tour supporting The Jezebels, though left a lasting impression on her fans all over the country. Now, in a recent interview with Pure Volume, Lights has confirmed her next release between albums.

“Working on a special project that will be coming out before any new album. It involves acoustics. The rest of the year will be spent touring on Siberia. [I’ll] probably start working on something new next year, if inspiration allows it!”

Lights has earned a reputation for releasing regular material independently; that level of accessibility has played a key role in her rise. It’s doubtful that the release will be a verbatum acoustic rendition of Siberia, as she previously used that card with an acoustic release of songs featured on her 2008 album The Listening.

While she was in town, Feeds caught up with Lights for a bit of a chat as well as an acoustic performance. If you watch one interview/acoustic performance today, make it this one.

Stay tuned on the release, and until then, enjoy the below.

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