Lil Wayne’s Posse Accused Of Assault Again…

As you may have read, a month ago, Lil Wayne and his gang was accused of assaulting a photographer and his bicycle with their skateboards.

Now he and his posse are under investigation for attacking Alfred Marino, who alleges that he only wanted to take a photo of Weezy. According to reports, Mr Marino claims that he saw them and walked over asking for a photo, but was told no. He stated that he then went back to his car, where he tried to take another photo. It was reported by TMZ that Wayne said to Mr. Marino, “Don’t you know all it takes is a word and these motherfuckers are going to fuck you up?”

Mr. Marino claims he was then attacked from behind with a skateboard and is now suffering from a concussion and vertigo. Mr.Marino’s lawyer stated to TMZ: “My client will enforce all of his rights under the law and all individuals responsible for this outrageous incident will be blamed for the damages that my client has suffered and continues to suffer.”

Investigations are continuing and Lil Wayne has not replied to these statements.

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