Listen: Crystal Castles’ New Track ‘Affection’

Crystal Castles have released a new track named Affection ahead of their forthcoming third studio album III, expected for release on November 12. Having already put out Plague and Wrath of God, Affection is the third song taken from III and is a smooth mix of danceable synths and moving vocals.

Guaranteed to make you rock your shoulders forward and close your eyes in a dance of appreciation you only feel comfortable doing when home alone or intoxicated on a darkened dance floor, Affection has all the surface qualities to make you move, while being soulful enough to leave an impression.

As noted by Under The Radar, Affection is structured around the trademarks of what makes Crystal Castles such an inspired act, as the latest release flaunts otherworldly female vocals over a gorgeous electronica groove. But hey, don’t just take Music Feeds’ word for it. Have a listen yourself…

Listen: Crystal Castles – Affection

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