LISTEN: Snoop Lion ‘Reincarnated’ Streams In Full + Documentary Preview

Light up a blunt, slap on some shades and ease back into your couch coz the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Snoop Lion’s debut album Reincarnated is now available to stream in full, along with a preview of the record’s accompanying documentary.

As Snoop humbly states at the beginning of the doco, he was the greatest of all time – an honour Snoop doesn’t bestow lightly – but with hip hop no longer a challenge Snoop moved from rap to reggae and evolved from Dogg to Lion.

Although the spirituality of the project might be a little too harsh for some to smoke, there is nothing half-baked about the album. While lead single La La La may have left you thinking there was more Mary Jane than music, new single No Guns Allowed, featuring Drake and Snoop’s daughter Cori B, shows the power of Rasta music as the song tackles gun violence.

The stream doesn’t include the final 4 bonus tracks of the deluxe edition of Reincarnated, of which La La La is counted among. Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated is due out Friday, 26th April.

And for all those fans who are distraught that Snoop Dogg is no more, the man himself reassures he’ll always be the Doggfather:

“I’m still Snoop Dogg. It’s me right now. I’m Snoop ‘motherfucking’ Dogg til I die.”

Stream: Snoop Lion – Reincarnated – Documentary + Album

1. Rebel Way

2. Here Comes the King (Feat. Angela Hunte)

3. Lighters Up (Feat. Mavado & Popcaan)

4. So Long (Feat. Angela Hunte)

5. Get Away (Feat. Angela Hunte)

6. No Guns Allowed (Feat Drake & Cori B)

7. Fruit Juice (Feat. Mr. Vegas)

8. Smoke the Weed (Feat. Collie Budz)

9. Tired of Running (Feat. Akon)

10. The Good Good (Feat. Iza)

11. Torn Apart (Feat. Rita Ora)

12. Ashtrays & Heartbreaks (Feat. Miley Cyrus)

13. Boulevard (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)

14. Remedy (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Chris Brown)

15. La La La

16. Harder Times (Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore)

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