Listen To Bruce Springsteen Interview Eddie Vedder And Dave Grohl

It’s like Christmas has come early, as rock music legend Bruce Springsteen has interviewed rock music legend Eddie Vedder and other rock music legend Dave Grohl for his Apple Music radio series Letter To You Radio.

As reported by Consequence Of Sound, Springsteen spoke to both iconic frontmen about their respective bands and their rise to superstardom.

“You had the kind of band that simply was a big, powerful band with a reach that wanted to extend to a sizeable audience,” Springsteen told Vedder of Pearl Jam.

“I mean, it was just in the nature of your music. I don’t know if you feel like that or not, but that’s how it looked from my vantage point from the outside.”

Vedder saw it a little differently.

“Really, there was a lot of attention just from the first one and we hadn’t even made the second one yet,” Vedder said.

“I just wanted to make the next record and have the next record be better. I was like, ‘If you like this, then I think we got even more that we can better that one.’ Yeah. I just wanted to make more records.”

In his interview with Grohl, Springsteen asked about the difference between the come-up of Nirvana and the come-up of Foo Fighters.

“Well, probably just like you, I would imagine, you start playing music when you’re young, because something catches your heart, right?” Grohl said.

“And for me personally, it was the Beatles. And I never imagined that I could be a Beatle. I never imagined that I could be one of the rockstars that I had in my record collection, or on posters on my wall. I just thought, to me, it was this puzzle. There was something about the puzzle of harmony, and composition, and arrangement.

“And I was obsessed with this idea that multiple instruments could create something emotional, or something that could make you feel. And that’s when I was like, eight or nine years old.”

Listen to both extensive interviews over on Apple Music.

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