Listen To Gretta Ray’s Two New Singles, ‘Bigger Than Me’ & ‘Readymade’

Beloved local legend Gretta Ray has made her return today, with the release of two new singles ‘Bigger Than Me’ and ‘Readymade’.

‘Bigger Than Me’ is the belter of the two, incredibly reminiscent of some of Taylor Swift‘s poppier cuts. In contrast, ‘Readymade’ is more akin to the swooning singer-songwriter ballads we’ve come to expect from Ray.

Packaged together at Duology 1, Ray has apparently been interested in the idea of releasing paired singles for a while, and teases more duologies to come throughout the year.

“The idea of paired songs is something I’ve already played with,” she said in a press statement.

 “I used to refer to ‘Radio Silence’ and ‘Time’ (her 2018 singles) on stage as ‘sister songs’: they’re about the same scenario from different angles.”

“When I write a song, I often find it’s in response to something that I’ve already written about, whether that be a week or a year ago,” she continued.

“‘Bigger Than Me’ and ‘Readymade’ are both songs about my relationship with creativity, which is something that I can become very obsessive about, especially since I’ve found myself on that path, completely immersed in it, collaborating with a lot of like-minded people.”

Listen to both songs, and watch the video for ‘Bigger Than Me’, below.

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