Image: Bjorn Olsson

Little Steven Has Offered His Services To Theresa May To “Solve The Brexit Problem”

Musician, actor, diplomat? Little Steven has taken to Twitter to offer UK Prime Minister Theresa May help with the Brexit debacle that the country is currently going through.

“Dear Theresa May,” the newfound peacemaker wrote.

“I hate seeing you blamed for this mess. As an objective outsider experienced at conflict resolution, I offer my services to solve the Brexit problem.”

“Get me 2 days each with Leave, Remain, and the EU, and I will find a solution that makes everyone equally happy.”

May has yet to take up Little Steven (aka Steven Van Zandt), who is American, on his generous offer.

However, one Twitter user thinks it’s a great idea and offered a UK muso to help America with their border wall debacle.

“Thanks Stevie – what a great idea,” Twitter user Michael O’Neil wrote.

“@NoelGallagher should be able to return the offer and sort out the border wall funding problem between Trump and Nancy.”

Stevie seems keen.

Politics aside, Little Steven will be in Australia very soon for Bluesfest and two headline shows in Melbourne and Sydney. We’ll see if the Brexit problem is solved by then.

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