Live Music Moves From The Excelsior to The Beresford

Next week the Excelsior Hotel will stop its live music functions for good after Justin Hemmes’ of the Merivale Group bought the venue with intention of turning it in to a mexican restaurant and bar.

But there’s still hope for the local live music scene, with another Hemme’s owned venue The Beresford picking up from where the Excelsior left off. In an interview with Daily SPA Hemme’s confirmed that the Beresford was being developed in to a live music venue and the Excelcisor purchase had come after the original plan to develop a live venue at the Beresford.

The venue will hold live music on several nights of the week for a capacity of around 600 people which is a lot more than the Excelsior’s 150 (200 if everyone takes a deep breath). This would make in competition with other bigger-than-your-local-pub venues like The Gaelic, Factory Theatre and the The Metro.

The Beresford’s live room should be ready to go around mid year after the installment of a new sound system.

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